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Reeves-Reed Arboretum engages, educates and enriches its visitors so that they become better stewards of nature and the environment. This mission is achieved through the care and utilization of an historic estate and gardens. Photo courtesy of Stephen Harris, sph-photo.com.

Letter from the Director

Dear Friends,

"A photograph is a secret of a secret. The more it says, the less you know." These are the words of Diane Arbus, the iconic premiere photographer of her generation.
I often hear people say that the Arboretum is "picture perfect," and a brief visit to our Visitors Center easily confirms that assessment. Upon entering through the door, you're immediately greeted by a stunning collage of photographs taken by artist Stephen Harris. Looking from left to right, you're offered a seasonal glimpse of the Arboretum starting from the blossoms of early spring, through the dense and varied greens of summer, to the fiery reds and yellows of autumn, and at last, resting into the cool whites of a crystal clear winter. This mural was a collaborative effort between the artist and the Arboretum, and provides the backdrop for a visitor's first glance at the nature-rich experiences that RRA has to offer.

Harris discovered photography in his early years, developing his photographic skills in high school. He views the world with a unique perspective: images that inspire. We are proud and delighted to partner with Stephen Harris, one of a number of rather gifted photographers who, everyday, capture the inspirational unique secrets of Reeves-Reed Arboretum.


Past Letters from the Director

Board of Trustees

  • Tom Ucko - President
  • Suzanne David - Vice President
  • Pam Gumport - Treasurer
  • Patty Olsen - Secretary
  • Frank Juliano - Executive Director
  • Jay Brinkerhoff
  • Holly Brown
  • Kathleen Butler Smith
  • Mary Coughlin
  • Ellen Dickson
  • Mary Kent
  • Pascal Lalonde
  • Lori Leiter
  • Nick McKee
  • Sandra McTernan
  • Eric Mendelsohn
  • Sarah Munroe
  • Hadley Peterson
  • Monica Richter
  • Peter Simone
  • Ruth Zamoyta

Trustee Emeriti

  • Mrs. J. Kent Blair
  • Mr. Robert F. Ehinger
  • Ms. Ann Thoke Espy
  • Mr. Andrew Gottesman
  • Ms. Victoria Perla Guagliardo
  • Mr. Scott Hayward
  • Mrs. John H. Huneke
  • Mr. Robert Keller
  • Mrs. Robert A. Malin
  • Mr. Cameron McClearn
  • Mrs. Harry Olsen
  • Mrs. A.T. Quantz
  • Mr. Charles Reed, Jr.
  • Mrs. Joseph Reed
  • Mr. George K. Ross


Financial Reports

Sources of Income

    2014 Total Income $871,773
  • Public Support %42
  • Program Services %19
  • Interest & Dividends %2
  • Special Events %21
  • Donations & Services %16
  • Miscellaneous %0

2014 Financial Report

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    2015 Total Income $957,886
  • Public Support %43
  • Program Services %19
  • Interest & Dividends %2
  • Special Events %23
  • Donations & Services %14
  • Miscellaneous %0

2015 Financial Report

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Please scroll below for opportunities available at the Arboretum and thank you for your interest in working here!

Full-Time Positions

Part-Time Positions

Reeves-Reed Arboretum is seeking a part-time volunteer coordinator to recruit, supervise, and coordinate all volunteer functions at the Arboretum. This position will also provide additional administrative support to the...

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Reeves-Reed Arboretum is seeking a part-time environmental educator to join our dynamic education team and assist in the planning and implementation of its children's educational programs.The Environmental Educator will...

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Do you enjoy interacting with visitors and spending time in a lovely, peaceful setting? Be a welcoming, informative Arboretum presence in our ground floor gallery between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on Saturdays and/or Sundays....

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Seasonal and Internships

Reeves-Reed Arboretum is looking for a video/photography intern/volunteer to help us create professional video content for internal and external use to showcase various aspects of the Arboretum including festivals, envir...

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Photography/Video Intern needed to photograph and video Arboretum events and seasonal garden highlights for website, social media and marketing. Professional camera, iphone, and laptop or iPad required.Photography, video...

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