Nurturing Nature

Reeves-Reed Arboretum Annual Fund

Nurturing Nature

Dear Friends,

One donor can make a difference. Many donors can change a life!

Meet Stanley Simms – he's homeless. He also works at Reeves-Reed Arboretum. The facts leading up to Stanley's housing situation are less important to me than the man himself. Articulate, caring, diligent and eager to learn, Stanley quickly demonstrated that he fits in with the culture of the Arboretum, and has become invaluable to the staff and helpful to our visitors.

In Stanley's own words, "I am so grateful for the opportunity and I'm very, very happy here at Reeves-Reed Arboretum. The staff came out to greet me on my first day and that made me feel very special. I planted a patch of flowers and the next day, as I walked past them, I felt a true sense of belonging – like I might be part of a new family."

Cultivation (cul•ti•va•tion) : the process of promoting growth.

With your help, that's what we do here at Reeves-Reed Arboretum. Perhaps it's a sick child who, for a moment in time, forgets about a chronic condition and instead runs and plays, and breathes the clean air of the Arboretum woodlands, or an adult in search of a second-chance opportunity. Today, on behalf of Stanley, we ask you to support all our growth efforts, both horticultural as well as societal. Yes, many donors can change a life.


Frank Juliano
Executive Director

P.S. Once again, our dear friend and supporter, photographer Bruce Lorenz, will donate a Family Portrait Session, plus an 11x14 canvas portrait print (retail value of $570) for any fully tax-deductible Annual Appeal gift of $250 or more.

Note: The Annual Appeal is the cornerstone of all fundraising. It's not for membership fees or program dues. It's a special year-end gift from you. It's you helping to support our year-round operations.


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