Becoming Me: Tuesday, February 19

(for girls 8-12)

This program offers your girl tools to help her embrace who she is and how to move forward in life with her personal power and positivity. This theme will serve as the basis for our discussions, craft and team building.

Sample activities include games, meditation, gratitude exercises, journaling, crafts, affirmations and more. All while she's having fun and being creative in a positive and supportive environment.

Parents and girls from past programs say...

"This camp was truly wonderful. I teared up reading the inspirational cards the girls brought home today. My youngest daughter especially felt very empowered by them and has put them in her backpack for school. Thank you for sharing your time this week. I think both of my girls came away with some important skills."

"I can't wait to come back again next year!"

"Snaps to Deborah for making this fun!"

Each girl receives their own journal. A light morning snack will be provided. Attendees should bring a water bottle, cold lunch, and dress warmly. Workshop may go outside for a portion weather pending. For more information about the instructor, please click here

Space is limited for optimal attention and engagement. Registration is required.