Rock Stars

The Earth's hidden past can be uncovered through the exploration of rocks and minerals. Students will gain an appreciation of the natural forces that shape the earth's surface as they encounter evidence of our region's rich geological history throughout the Arboretum. They will examine New Jersey fossils and identify local rocks using testing procedures and a dichotomous key. Students will investigate the formation of the 3 major rock types and will participate in an interactive activity that simulates the rock cycle.

Program length: 2 hours

This program emphasizes the following New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science:

5.1A: Understand Scientific Explanations

5.1B: Generate Scientific Evidence through Active Investigations

5.1C: Reflect on Scientific Knowledge

5.1D: Participate Productively in Science

5.2A: Properties of Matter

5.4B: History of the Earth

5.4C: Properties of the Earth's Materials