A Bug's Life

The Arboretum is the perfect natural classroom for introducing students to the incredible world of insects and their fascinating physical characteristics, special senses and lifecycles. Students will learn about one of the most amazing phenomena of the natural world: the Monarch Migration and will discover the social structure and communication skills of our Arboretum residents, the honeybees.

Program length: 1 ½ - 2 hours

This program emphasizes the following New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science:

5.1 A: Understand Scientific Explanations

5.1 B: Generate Scientific Evidence through Active Investigations

5.1D: Participate Productively in Science

5.3 A: Organization and Development

5.3 B: Matter and Energy Transformations

5.3 C: Interdependence

5:3 D: Heredity and Reproduction

5.3 E: Evolution and Diversity

5.4 G: Biogeochemical Cycles