Nurturing Nature

Reeves-Reed Arboretum Annual Fund

Nurturing Nature 2016

Dear Friends:

In all beginnings dwells a magic force!*

And the magic is evident as you start your visit to Reeves-Reed Arboretum.

With each step through the gardens and with each turn of path, sounds of life, embodied in the laughter and delight of children, echo throughout the grounds. For many, this is their first journey through nature and this magical day of discovery is like stepping into a fairyland.

Each year, over ten thousand children experience the magic of Reeves-Reed Arboretum, and they are only part of the over one hundred thousand guests who visit annually. For all of us, let each visit create a sense of urgency and a renewed reason to explore. And as we start each new visit together, let's not only be mindful of what we've achieved and enjoyed, but what's yet to be done, so that all who come can share equally in the magic and the beauty of the Arboretum. Every day, let's look with favor and generosity on a bold, new, magical beginning.


Frank Juliano
Executive Director

P.S. Simply put, we need your help to make magic happen. To everyone who makes a fully tax-deductible Annual Appeal gift of $250 or more, photographer Bruce Lorenz will donate a Family Portrait Session plus an 11 x 14 canvas portrait print (valued at $570). Let your magical beginnings last forever!

*Hermann Hesse, Stages, from "The Glass Bead Game."


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