From the Director

Dear Friends,

2 to 1 Membership Match

Public garden equals public support.  That's why membership to Reeves-Reed Arboretum means so much.  Perhaps the best way to describe the "business model" of the Arboretum is this:  our product is service; our means of production, people; and our bottom line, a better quality of life for the community we serve. 

But how do you calculate the value of such a product?  This is a challenging and heady responsibility for those accountable for achieving that goal.  For RRA, the people who look after our bottom line and who oversee the product we offer are the members of the board of trustees.  And in recognition of how much membership matters to us, the trustees will launch a 2 to 1 match for membership dollars.  Starting July 1 and running through the rest of the calendar year, each membership dollar raised will be matched by $2.

So make this moment count.  If you've allowed your membership to the Arboretum to lapse, or if you've been thinking about joining but just haven't done so yet, give us a call (908-273-8787 ext. 1313) or go on line and sign up now.    And as an added bonus, remember, thanks to our partners at Investors Bank, all RRA members receive free admission to our signature events for 2013.  Just check out our website for full details.

See you in the garden.




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