FRIDAY, JULY 19: The Wisner House & Gallery will be closed.

Susan Darwin’s Location Series - The New Jersey Paintings: June 4 - October 31

Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Through a collection of vibrant and evocative paintings, artist Susan Darwin invites you to traverse the varied landscapes of New Jersey, showcasing renowned monuments and landmarks like the iconic carousel in Asbury Park. Additionally, she shines a spotlight on significant plant and animal species, such as the Atlantic Surf Clam, enriching the viewer’s exploration of the state's natural wonders. From the tranquil beaches of the Jersey Shore to the historic Sterling Hill Mine, Darwin captures the essence and spirit of New Jersey in her distinctive style. With gestural, expressive brushstrokes, she transports viewers to iconic locations, infusing each scene with emotion and energy.

Explore the hidden gems and familiar landmarks of the Garden State as you immerse yourself in Darwin's rich tapestry of color and texture. Whether you're a lifelong resident or a curious visitor, Susan Darwin’s Location Series: The New Jersey Paintings offers a fresh perspective on the beauty and diversity of New Jersey's landscapes and celebrates the state’s history with works ranging from environmental treasures to innovations in Industry.

About the Artist

Born in New York City, Susan spent her first years in Fairhaven, MA, where she was surrounded by nature, the ocean, and animals. Over the years, she moved several times...NYC, Westchester, NY, Essex County, New Jersey — all the while, developing a practice of being present and painting responsively. This intense process grew into lengthy bursts of work that captured the essence of things: A series of fish. A series of quahogs. A series of distant horizons. A series of branches.  Exploring life, gesture, and meaning.

For the next ten years, Susan will be turning her attention to a different location each year, completing twenty paintings that serve as a visual essay of what the location inspires and what the location means. In a hurried world, where we are all caught up in our own stories, this series examines how often a location has the power to define us, but that locations also have the ability to awaken us, inspire us, and hopefully teach us to be HERE at any given moment.  More of Susan's works, including glimpses of her other location series paintings, can be found on her website

Susan Darwin’s Location Series: The New Jersey Paintings is on view in the Wisner House Gallery, June 4 through October 31, 2024, Tuesday - Sunday, 10 am - 4 pm, unless reserved for a private event. Please visit to confirm gallery hours. All works are for sale, and the artist will generously donate 30% of each sale back to the Arboretum.