What's so interesting about soil?

What's so interesting about soil?

As a gardener, this is a loaded question, which elicits a passionate response!

And as the weather warms, and I roll up my sleeves to head outdoors to begin gardening, it 's the perfect time to reflect on the question.

The short answer to the question is... Soil Supports Life!

Without soil, we could not live on this planet we call Earth.
Soil is the foundation for all living things. Soil is alive! it's not Dirt...dirt is inert!
One teaspoon of healthy soil is teaming with a multitude of living organisms-600 million bacteria, three miles of fungal hyphae, 10,000 protozoa, 20-30 beneficial nematodes.
Soil contains the essential nutrients necessary for the growth and reproduction of plants. Plants support our lives in so many ways. They provide food, shelter, medicines, protection, beauty, inspiration, and it all begins with the soil.

Respect the soil!

It takes 500 years to create one inch of topsoil. Many life altering medicines have been discovered from soil.(for example, the antibiotic to cure tuberculosis). Scientists have only begun to uncover the secrets that lies within the soil.

The next time you find yourself wondering what's so interesting about soil, reflect on this thought...

Soil Supports Life!