Welcome to the Jungle - Orchids

Let the Arboretum brighten up your day with a virtual or in-person tour of the Louise Muncie Roehm Greenhouse!

Fat Plants, Air Plants, and Carnivorous Plants, oh my!  "Step onto my peristome," said the Pitcher Plant to the fly . . .

Built in 1997 as a reproduction of the original greenhouse, which was located in front of Wisner House, we use this greenhouse for many wonderful things.  Marc has already begun propagating plants from seeds for our annual plant sale in May (as well as to plant on the grounds), and Althea has done the same with her children's program to plant in the vegetable garden.  The Education Department has once more bbegun holding classes here, where kids and adults not only do planting projects, but learn about plants from around the world and their many adaptations and fascinating attributes.  My favorite part though is having a warm, colorful space to cheer up a chilly day!

"Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times, and don't feed the animals, they're on a special diet!" -Animal Kingdom Tour Guide


On your right as you enter is our collection of Orchids, including a column of False Cedar adorned with the tiniest, most charming Miniature Orchids you ever did see!  Many orchids are considered epiphytes, meaning that they don't need soil to get moisture and nutrients, and cling to other plants with their roots.  "Epi" means "upon" and "phyte" is "plant".

For a rough comparison of how small these miniature orchids are!

Bulbophyllum pulchellum looks like a flock of insects having a huddle!

Aerides japonica - fragrant!

Masdevallia oscitans

Dendrobium canaliculatum

Podochilus muricalis aka the Muricate Podochilus 
-I have to wonder when a common name is given that's no more decipherable than the Latin. 
It's just starting to bud -super tiny flowers, bring a hand lens- but the leaves are great all on their own!

Winner of the Very Bestest Name Award goes to:
Pleurothallis trichostoma 
"The Hairy Mouth Pleurothallis"

More Orchids!

And let us not forget our work horses of the orchid world: the Moth Orchids, aka Phalaenopsis

And my personal favorite:

I kid! I kid!  Just say "NO" to Blue Orchids.  They're fake.  For real.

In addition to these long-bloomers, throughout the year we rotate an everchanging cast of Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Psychopsis, and other orchids as they come into bloom. 

Well, that's all I have time for folks, but feel free to continue exploring on your own!  There's more to discover in the greenhouse, and more to share and learn, but I've pretty much maxed out my photo uploads!

Think Spring, and see you in the gardens!