We Love Our Volunteers

When you walk through the Arboretum gates for Maple Sugaring Fest, Daffodil Day or Celebrate Fall, you know you'll have a great day of family fun!  The Arboretum staff has spent hours preparing for you – informational demonstrations, games, arts and crafts, interactive exhibits, music, food and more.  Everyone at the Arboretum works long hours to get everything just right.  But on the day of the event, we depend on our volunteers to make it all happen!

Our recent Maple Sugaring Fest had its challenges, but we were lucky to have one of the best - and hardiest - groups of volunteers.  The day started out cold and damp but turned out to be .... really cold and really damp.  That didn't affect the enthusiasm of our volunteers (or our hundreds of attendees!)

Special thanks go out to the more robust volunteers who stood outside from 1pm-4pm running our maple syrup taste-test booth, giving tree tapping demonstrations, or helping with the Maple Sugar Challenge.  A little bit luckier were the volunteers whose stations were inside the warm and dry Education Center.  But they still had to be on their toes, "tapping" into their brain power and explaining all the elements involved in maple sugaring.

Being at the Arboretum - for a festival, volunteering to work on the grounds, taking (or leading) a garden tour – is just a fun experience.  After our festivals and big events, I always receive emails from volunteers and parents of volunteers, thanking US for giving them the opportunity to participate!

Next up: Daffodil Day on April 14th.  We will count on our diverse group of volunteers– adults, teenagers from public and private schools, scouts, parents volunteering with their children – to make it all come together.   Why not sign up to help on April 14th, spend the day with the daffodils and join our family of dedicated volunteers!