Volunteer! It's Good for Your Health!

Most of us try to find the time to exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep because we know that's all part of a healthy lifestyle.  What you may be surprised to know is that volunteering can play a significant role in your well-being.

Everyone is so busy today that it can be hard to find the time to volunteer, but volunteering has surprising benefits for your mental and physical health!

Studies have shown that volunteering helps combat depression and loneliness.  When you volunteer you connect with others, make new friends and contacts, and all this leads to less stress and less anxiety. 

A recent study from Carnegie Mellon University showed that peopple who volunteered were less likely to develop high blood pressure - lessening their chance for heart disease, stroke, and premature death.

In addition to decreasing your risk of depression, lowering your stress levels, and introducing you to new relationships, volunteering can help you stay physically active.  Did you know that volunteers report better physical health than non-volunteers?

Volunteers at Reeves-Reed Arboretum come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

They are men, women, retirees, teenagers, professionals, scouts and students. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities for all ages and physical abilities.  Our offerings change depending on the time of year and the needs of the gardens, but you are always welcome.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at the Arboretum and improving your well-being?  Please visit our website https://www.reeves-reedarboretum.org/get-involved/volunteer/ or email Trish Cassin at t.cassin@reeves-reedarboretum.org.