"Thank You For Participating"

Martin Luther King Day of Service Thank You

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and every January in the past few years, Reeves-Reed Arboretum desired to get involved and remind each other of the importance of service. Summit's Day of Service is particularly special for organizing this. During these trying times, what can we do? Where can we go to help? How can we give back? How do we get our children involved? Some of us donate groceries to food banks and soup kitchens, and some of us can give of our time to help in other areas where needed. It has been difficult to volunteer, due to social distancing and for the protection of ourselves and others. The hospitals do not want us there, the libraries are closed to meetings and readings, playdates are limited, families remain separated, and the schools are guarded as to who enters their buildings. So, what can we do? We can have a day of service.

Our wonderful members, and any one in our neighborhood, could stop by for materials to create "Thank You" Valentine Cards for essential workers in our community.In the past, we enjoyed the company of families, in our Education Center, to work together, decorate and create cards, and leave them for us to deliver to Overlook Hospital to cheer patients on Valentine's Day. Since we wanted this year's Day of Service to be completely outdoors, we moved to the patio where we had materials for pick up only. From 9am-12pm the Arboretum offered free materials to create cards. We included card stock, ribbon, meaningful sayings, yarn, colored paper, hearts, ribbon, tissue paper and other items to enhance our cards to be delivered for Valentine's Day.

Our community did not disappoint. We had many visitors, some who knew why we were here and others who were new to the Arboretum. We offered all the materials and anxiously waited for the cards to return to the box outside the Ed Center door for drop-off.

Then, there was also an interesting moment, in the distance approached someone wearing a crown. One of our Arboretum guests was the New Jersey Collegiate of the year for 2021. She was also a volunteer making her way through Summit and added to our Valentine Card campaign.

All in all, the day was very successful. As Environmental Educators, in the current state of the state, we take every opportunity to educate and enrich the children that grace us with a visit to Reeves-Reed Arboretum. Thank you everyone for participating.