Square Foot Gardening

Today was the last day of a nine week, summer gardening series for children, called "Let's Get Growing!".

As I watched the children proudly gather their harvest of eggplants, chives, cucumbers and flowers, and race off to meet their parents, I heard shouts of "See you in the fall!". With a smile on my face, I took a moment to reflect back on the start of this new and wonderful Gardening and Nutrition program. Two children showed up for the first in the series, asking, "Are we the only ones participating today?" 

After that initial class, we built momentum and interest through word of mouth, flyers and online promotion... and the gardening classes began filling up with excited first time gardeners. And they weren't just children, parents hovered in order to glean information, all were ready to learn how to garden the Square Foot Garden way!

During the series we explored topics such as: What is Square Foot Gardening?; Insects and Bugs...Friends or Foe?; How to make a Garden Pizza; and How to Paint with Nature's Colors. We sowed seeds, transplanted, harvested, prepared healthy snacks in the kitchen and tasted the bounties of the garden.

Not a bad way to spend a few summer days. See you in the garden in the Fall!