Green Getaway

This spring/summer we introduced a 3-part series on sustainability in partnership with Ciel Power LLC and Green Summit NJ:  a discussion panel about climate change and the effect on New Jersey’s water supply, an ethical fashion show, and a third event to be announced this fall.

We’d like to keep the conversation and information flowing all summer long, so check back here every week or so for some helpful ideas on how to live a sustainable lifestyle this summer and all year long!


I’m sure it’s safe to say we’ve all made simple changes at home and at work to be more eco-conscious, from using disposable water bottles, shopping with reusable bags, to recycling paper, plastic, glass, etc. But we often don’t think about our environmental responsibility when we’re away from home or on vacation.

So, here are ten (10) simple tips to help you and your family stay earth-conscious when you’re planning your next getaway:

  • Book eco-friendly accommodations.  Choose resorts, hotels, campsites, etc. that minimize their impact on the environment and provide details about their environmental commitments. There are several eco-travel apps that can help you!
  • Book non-stop flights and pack light to cut down on carbon emissions.
  • Take public transportation, ride a bicycle, or walk while visiting your destination.  You’ll help reduce even more carbon emissions and enjoy the local scenery up close.
  • Treat your home away from home like you were home.  Turn off lights, TVs, electronics, and air conditioners when you’re not in your room. Reuse bath and beach towels too, to cut down on water usage.
  • Avoid bottled water and bring a refillable one instead.  You’ll save lots of money too!
  • Use reef-safe sunscreen lotions.  Choose formulas that are biodegradable and mineral based instead of chemical ones containing oxybenzone which is harmful to marine life, especially coral reefs.
  • Stay on the beaten path and respect “off limits” areas like sand dunes.  Walking or climbing through these areas can cause erosion and endanger animal habitats.
  • Choose non-motor water sports, like paddleboards, kayaks, and sailboats.  You’ll make a lighter impact on the water.
  • Eat sustainably. Frequent local restaurants featuring organic produce and shop small to support local businesses.
  • Clean up.  Leave the shore cleaner than you found it.  Take a few extra minutes before you pack up for the day to make sure you have picked up any stray garbage.  Deposit it in the appropriate receptacles or take it with you to dispose of back at your hotel or rental.

 Now relax and enjoy knowing that you are doing your best, both at home and away, to protect our planet!