Past Letters from the Director

You're the Public in Public Garden

Dear Friends,

As we launch this year's Annual Appeal - Nurturing Nature '16 - I'm reminded of a lovely sentiment shared by neighbor, Summit resident, and Common Council member David Naidu.

"When I visit the Arboretum, I may come alone, but I never feel lonely."

When David said this, I felt goose bumps rise and a swell of such emotion. How eloquent and how to the point. Yes, a visit to Reeves-Reed Arboretum offers each and every one of us a chance to really be a part of something bigger, whether you're here for a quiet walk or to join in the festivities of a giant community event.

Today I ask you to decide what kind of organization, community, society or, I dare say, world you want to build and be a part of. Together, we can make change - with a little money and a lot of courage and passion.

On behalf of our Staff and Board of Trustees, please give to our Annual Appeal - Nurturing Nature '16.

Thank you.