Past Letters from the Director

Snowstorm Damage


Dear Friends,

In times like these, when weather conditions are so unpredictable and the effects of extreme and frequent snow storms leave a wake of broken branches and fallen trees, I heave a sigh each time I look over our grounds.

The clearing work from the recent storms has been expensive on so many counts. Visitation to the grounds has been limited or some days actually prohibited due to safety reasons, so our guests lose the opportunity to walk our familiar paths. And the cost to safely and carefully trim significant, specimen trees, some of which have been on the grounds for a century, is now nearing $10,000.

We can make up for lost money, but we can't make up for lost time. Each day spent removing tree limbs means another day with restricted access to Reeves-Reed Arboretum. But they say today's the first day of spring, so I am forever hopeful.

At this time, may I ask you to share in that hope? If you are so moved by our losses over these past weeks, please make a special donation to help cover the storm damages to our trees. Just click here.

With heartfelt appreciation,

P.S. Our featured artist at The Hat Tavern, Bob Bernstein, will generously donate 100% of all his art sales to the Arboretum to help in our storm damage recovery. Thanks Bob!