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Past Letters from the Director

Nurturing Nature 2018

Dear Friends,

I live by a golden rule - don't ask for support. Inspire it!

Probably by the time you're reading this eblast you've already received our Annual Appeal solicitation in the mail. This year's appeal was a difficult as well as a very important one for me to write on so many levels. The work we do here at the Arboretum has grown exponentially - more and more people, folks of all abilities, are participating in what has been an historic year of programming. Yet we start each year from basically a zero sum, and through programs, fundraising events, gifts, membership, and yes, this Annual Appeal, we move that needle upwards.

So that's why this appeal is important. My difficulty comes from my inability to adequately convey to you who we are and where we're going and why your participation is so incredibly valuable. It's truly about how we live and how we might do better (the watch cry for our appeal). As an organization made up of committed and passionate individuals - staff, trustees, and people like you - we fully embrace our role as a service provider in this and the broader community. And the challenge each and every service provider faces is maintaining the highest of standards while providing for an ever expanding need.

Our goal of $125,000 for this year's appeal isn't wishful thinking. It's a realistic assessment of what it takes to keep the lights on, pay the salaries, and open the gates every day, 365 days a year. As of this eblast we've raised about $30,000 since the appeal hit the mailboxes last week. Right now, I'm asking you to take a more active role in a cherished Summit treasure. I believe that Reeves-Reed Arboretum reflects your values. Yes, how we live and how we must do better.

With my heartfelt thanks,

P.S. Protecting nature protects all of us. If everyone reading this eblast at this moment makes their annual contribution, then this fund drive would be over in 20 minutes! Please click below and make a difference.