Past Letters from the Director

Meet the Supremes!

Dear Friends,

Meet The Supremes!

I'm not referring to the classic '62 girl group pop album of the same name but rather something more timely and immediate. Meet six amazing ladies whose efforts, both individually and collectively, have set the bar high for leadership and service in this community. Six women whose commitment to good works is tinged with an air of supreme confidence, and whose humility makes space for new possibilities. Allow me to introduce you to The Summit Supremes - Muggins Badgley, Millie Cooper, Betse Gump, Gail Malin, Susan Watts, and Betsy Wesson - this year's honorees at ART in the Garden, June 8.

I don't believe there are many in this community unfamiliar with or who haven't been touched by these passionate ladies. They have selflessly served or continue to serve and support such organizations as the Junior League of Summit, the Visual Arts Center, Overlook Hospital, and of course, Reeves-Reed Arboretum. In fact, without their initial support and vision, and now their continued maintenance, there would probably have never been an Arboretum in Summit.

You know them, either personally or by reputation. They don't give to get. They give to inspire others to give. They do things right, and do the right things. They are your family, your neighbors, and your friends. They are "you" by example. And now we ask you to join the Trustees and the Staff of Reeves-Reed Arboretum, in publicly recognizing and acknowledging their service.

Come to ART in the Garden on June 8 and meet the Supremes!