Past Letters from the Director

Lifting Spirits

Dear Friends,

We are excited to re-open the Wisner House Gallery and invite you to come in from the cold to immerse yourself in our latest art exhibit, NATURE: In and Out of Focus. Although artists Leonard McDonald and Tracey Luckner approach nature from two very different perspectives, the bold bright colors in both works will definitely lift your spirits this winter. More details about the show can be found below.

Also lifting our spirits here in the office are some staffing changes and additions that have taken place over the last few months that we are super excited about. Althea Llewellyn, Environmental Educator, has been promoted to Director of Education, Doreen Schindler, our former office manager, has returned as our Manager of Special Events and Social Media, Lisa Lukas has returned as an Environmental Educator, and we have welcomed two new employees, Marilyn Foehrenbach as our Office Manager and Chris Tarashuk as our Facilities Assistant. Please wish them well in their new positions.

Until next time,




Jackie Kondel