Past Letters from the Director

Grow Forth and Prosper!

Grow Forth and Prosper!

Dear Friends,

While education is a key mission of RRA, so many people assume that such activities are just meant for kids. Well, let me put aside those misconceptions and briefly talk about upcoming opportunities that are exciting, enjoyable and fun for us adults as well:

  • Ever wonder about the sex life of plants? Intimate herbaceous secrets will be revealed at the upcoming workshop, Propagation for Beginners: Making More Plants on Wednesday, March 13.
  • A novice, like me, at gardening? Then Basic Gardening 101 on Wednesday, March 27 is for us!
  • Did you know that one of the most significant landscape architects of America was hired to create garden rooms here at Reeves-Reed Arboretum? Did you know that she was a woman? Having been abandoned by her husband, she went on to be recognized as a driving force in both gardening and women's rights, having created a landscape firm that, in a male-dominated field, only hired women. Come learn more at Private Spaces, Public Gardens: The Life & Work of Ellen Biddle Shipman on Wednesday, March 27.
  • California Dreaming! Need a drink/break? Why not come to the next installment of our Put the PUB in Public Gardens on Friday, April 26? Rumor has it we'll be sampling the wines of California...details to follow.

So, have I piqued your interest? This is just a sample of what's in store over the next month or two. Keep checking in for updates!