Past Letters from the Director

Evidence of Spring

Dear Friends,

Where you treasure life, so is your heart.

For all of us here at Reeves-Reed Arboretum, our hearts are filled with the burgeoning life before us. Evidence of spring (i.e. our ubiquitous daffodils) greets us every day, and with that, promises of what's in store over the next months.

To that end, our staff is eagerly preparing for events like the next Put the 'Pub' in Public Garden wine tasting (April 7, wines from Bordeaux), Daffodil Day (April 23), ART in the Garden (June 10) and various workshops, trips, camps, concerts, and evening strolls.

As we come out of our cocoons of winter and shake off the slumber of hibernation, the call to action for all of us is to connect to your community! Reeves-Reed Arboretum is your community. Open your hearts - come to the Arboretum - treasure life. We are eager to welcome you.