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Past Letters from the Director


Dear Friends,

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering "It will be happier".
- Alfred Lord Tennyson

It's hard to believe that Lord Tennyson's words could possibly be true considering the challenges we face. I usually find the start of a new year refreshing; it is like having a clean page in your notebook with endless possibilities of what to fill it with. It's when the talented horticulture staff studies the plant catalogs, designing their garden displays, and the educators are brainstorming programming ideas for the spring and summer. It's in these troubled times that I head to the garden, the place that has been a sanctuary for so many these past few months. It helps clear my mind and gives me hope. I smile thinking about the lengthening days and the possibility of being together again, of brighter days ahead spent in the gardens. As Lord Tennyson says above, the year to come will be happier, and I hope for the Arboretum community, it will be.

Until next time,




Jackie Kondel