THE SECRET TEA ROOM is on a short summer break and will be returning Wednesday, August 28! New dates will be added to the calendar soon.

Past Letters from the Director

Blooming of a Flower

Dear Friends,

Today I write to you about the blooming of a flower. Funny to be speaking of flowers blooming as the golden days of summer slip into our consciousness. And yet, what's more telling, more revealing than a bud about to burst forth?

Author Mark Nepo calls it the pain of becoming. "For the flower, it is fully open at each step of its blossoming."

After a summer of sunshine, rain, and the fertilizers for the brain (what we at RRA call our garden blogs), each and everyone of us start showing signs of growth from what's been learned and experienced at the Arboretum. It's been a record season for our summer camps, and our programs and events bring visitors to the Arboretum from across the state. People continue to recognize and acknowledge the specialness that is Reeves-Reed Arboretum. But the power of those experiences and that knowledge reveals itself in slow, steady ways, much like the opening of the bud of a flower. If we try and force the flower to open, it tears. Same with who we are becoming through this newly acquired knowledge. Time and nature have their own rhythm. Take that time - stop, look, think, learn and experience. We stand on the threshold, getting ourselves ready to move across the limits of what we were, into what we are able to be. We are becoming.

See you in the garden,