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Past Letters from the Director

Annual Appeal 2019

Dear Friends,

Each year I have the honor and pleasure to invite you to support all our initiatives with a year-end gift. We call this annual appeal, Nurturing Nature. And of course, a stronger Arboretum, and a heathier environment depends upon you.

This year, our theme is understanding the long-term effects of climate change and global warming – perhaps not the most welcome of topics, but certainly a timely one.

What we're all doing to protect the environment has positive repercussions moving forward. But the 'nowness' of it all is around us – nature provides this awareness. And the remarkable team at Reeves-Reed Arboretum passionately lives, works and breathes this immediacy every day. We speak to the complex understanding of who we are and what we are in relationship to nature. It is our shared passion that leads our vision, and it is that ability to talk about the future with such clarity that guides our programming.

Change and growth is a collective endeavor. Nurturing Nature 2019 is a small step in this collective process/vision, but it becomes a defining moment for us every year. Your gift enables us to continue on with renewed purpose and unflagging encouragement.

I ask you, I urge you, to please make your year-end gift today.

With unabashed gratitude,

P.S. Protecting nature protects all of us. Our goal is $125,000. If everyone reading this eblast at this moment makes their annual contribution, then this fund drive would be over in 20 minutes!