Past Letters from the Director

ART in the Garden

Dear Friends,

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Look at this photo; I think it is incredible that this tender young sprout has the power to pierce the leaf rather than just push it aside or grow around it. When I look at it, the word "fierce" comes to mind; nothing is going to prevent it from growing into a beautiful flower. As I reflect upon this last year, we are like that young shoot, pushing through difficult times to emerge to a brighter tomorrow.

Last year, we had to pause our celebration honoring the Junior League of Summit's 90th Year of Service and the retirement of RRA's Executive Director Frank Juliano. This year, we are hitting the play button and moving forward with plans to honor them both at ART in the Garden! The Junior League is without question a "fierce" force in this community, made up of a group of women dedicated to helping others. So many individuals and organizations, including the Arboretum, have been impacted by their tireless efforts to make positive change in the community.

Speaking of positive change... I could write paragraphs on all the wonderful things Frank Juliano has done for the Arboretum! His vision, passion and ability to forge partnerships have turned this place into a community resource. We will finally be able to give him the proper send-off he deserves.

I hope you will join me on June 5th - there will be much to celebrate!

Until next time,




Jackie Kondel