THE SECRET TEA ROOM is on a short summer break and will be returning Wednesday, August 28! New dates will be added to the calendar soon.

Past Letters from the Director

A photograph is a secret of a secret.

Dear Friends,

"A photograph is a secret of a secret. The more it says, the less you know." These are the words of Diane Arbus, the iconic premiere photographer of her generation.
I often hear people say that the Arboretum is "picture perfect," and a brief visit to our Visitors Center easily confirms that assessment. Upon entering through the door, you're immediately greeted by a stunning collage of photographs taken by artist Stephen Harris. Looking from left to right, you're offered a seasonal glimpse of the Arboretum starting from the blossoms of early spring, through the dense and varied greens of summer, to the fiery reds and yellows of autumn, and at last, resting into the cool whites of a crystal clear winter. This mural was a collaborative effort between the artist and the Arboretum, and provides the backdrop for a visitor's first glance at the nature-rich experiences that RRA has to offer.

Harris discovered photography in his early years, developing his photographic skills in high school. He views the world with a unique perspective: images that inspire. We are proud and delighted to partner with Stephen Harris, one of a number of rather gifted photographers who, everyday, capture the inspirational unique secrets of Reeves-Reed Arboretum.