From the Director

Dear Friends,

On October 20, Reeves-Reed Arboretum will unleash a herd of goats on the steep sides of the Arboretum's historic Daffodil Bowl to begin clearing away a year's worth of wildflower growth, invasive vines and weeds, allowing for the annual restoration and replanting of the Bowl with bulbs for a spectacular spring show.

Why goats? They're basically nature's lawnmowers. Goats eat all day and what a wonderful way to engage and educate our community about an eco-friendly process that ordinarily takes months of hard, hand-labor to achieve.

The Arboretum has engaged Lawrence Cihanek, owner of Green Goats in Rhinebeck, NY, a company that oversees the use of goats as an environmentally friendly and sustainable tool for clearing hard-to-manage areas that might otherwise be hazardous to human volunteers.

In addition to treating the goats to a non-stop buffet, the Arboretum's education and horticulture staff will use this opportunity to encourage other eco-land management practices. And, as an added incentive, visitors will be offered the chance to sponsor a goat and help support the Arboretum's new "green goats initiative." Just go to our website and click on the "green goats" link, and for $25 per goat, you can send a "kid" to the Arboretum! Of course, your sponsorship is fully tax-deductible.

The goats arrive on October 20 and will be on hand for at least two weeks. And they will certainly be the featured "guests" during the annual CELEBRATE FALL festival on October 26.

See you in the garden.